COLLaborative boOKs: Decide the story!

Wanna help? We are looking for translators for other languages! (of course, also new books).

What is this?

It's simple, a writer has in mind a story but wants you to be you who chose the way that history will follow. To do this, at certain moments, he will let you to vote possible alternatives he has considered.
Ever wished that history would have been different than its author intended it?
Decide the history and be a part of it!

How this works?

The author writes the story chapter by chapter, but at certain moments will let you to vote on how to continue it. If you have a Google account and are logged in, your vote will be worth more than a simply anonymous vote, but in any case you can only vote once.
Finished the time to vote, the author will continue to write the story according to what has been voted.

Do you want to publish?

Do you have a story and want to publish it? Or do you have an idea for a story but do not know how to go on? Write us and we will publish your story, so that readers decide for you how to continue.
You can publish children stories, short novels, novels or adventure books. You will always have the rights of your creations. Come on! Know more...

Current Story

Title: Mi musa

Synopsis: Un viajante vuelve a casa tras realizar su recorrido diario. Sin embargo, la avería de su coche le llevará a una extraña casa donde no todo es lo que parece.

Language: ES    -   Chapters: 6