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Try again." msgstr "" #: controllers/book.py:26 controllers/chapter.py:29 msgid "Title is required." msgstr "" #: controllers/book.py:29 msgid "Author is required." msgstr "" #: controllers/book.py:32 msgid "Synopsis is required." msgstr "" #: controllers/book.py:35 msgid "Date is required." msgstr "" #: controllers/book.py:38 msgid "Date must be in format YYYY-MM-DD." msgstr "" #: controllers/book.py:41 msgid "Style is required." msgstr "" #: controllers/book.py:44 msgid "Language is required." msgstr "" #: controllers/book.py:47 msgid "Published Chapters is required." msgstr "" #: controllers/book.py:50 msgid "Published Chapters must be a number." msgstr "" #: controllers/book.py:53 controllers/chapter.py:44 msgid "Number of Votes must be a number." msgstr "" #: controllers/book.py:61 controllers/chapter.py:51 controllers/logic.py:433 #: controllers/option.py:43 controllers/voter.py:36 msgid "The length of some field is too high." msgstr "" #: controllers/book.py:83 controllers/chapter.py:72 controllers/chapter.py:103 #: controllers/logic.py:42 controllers/option.py:71 controllers/option.py:107 #: controllers/voter.py:64 controllers/voter.py:100 msgid "No book found with this ID." msgstr "" #: controllers/book.py:85 controllers/chapter.py:74 controllers/logic.py:44 msgid "Bad parameter. 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Try again." msgstr "" #: controllers/logic.py:69 msgid "Vote" msgstr "" #: controllers/logic.py:152 msgid "File not found, please notify the administrator." msgstr "" #: controllers/logic.py:195 msgid "next chapter" msgstr "" #: controllers/logic.py:197 msgid "No more chapters available" msgstr "" #: controllers/logic.py:207 controllers/logic.py:218 msgid "next page" msgstr "" #: controllers/logic.py:215 msgid "previous page" msgstr "" #: controllers/logic.py:290 msgid "It is impossible to vote for a closed chapter." msgstr "" #: controllers/logic.py:302 controllers/logic.py:318 msgid "It is impossible to vote for an inexistent option." msgstr "" #: controllers/logic.py:385 copia.htm:22 msgid "Results for this Chapter" msgstr "" #: controllers/logic.py:422 msgid "Name is required." msgstr "" #: controllers/logic.py:425 msgid "Email is required." msgstr "" #: controllers/logic.py:428 msgid "Message is required." msgstr "" #: controllers/logic.py:448 msgid "Your email was sent, you can continue browsing." msgstr "" #: controllers/logic.py:451 msgid "Error sending the email, go back and try again." msgstr "" #: controllers/option.py:26 msgid "Option Number is required." msgstr "" #: controllers/option.py:29 msgid "Option Text is required." msgstr "" #: controllers/option.py:32 msgid "Total Votes is required." msgstr "" #: controllers/option.py:35 msgid "Option Number must be a number." msgstr "" #: controllers/option.py:38 msgid "Total Votes must be a number." msgstr "" #: controllers/option.py:103 msgid "No option found with this ID." msgstr "" #: controllers/voter.py:26 msgid "Identifier is required." msgstr "" #: controllers/voter.py:29 msgid "Selected Option is required." msgstr "" #: controllers/voter.py:32 msgid "Selected Option must be a number." msgstr "" #: controllers/voter.py:96 msgid "No voter found with this ID." msgstr "" #: utils/custom.py:97 utils/custom.py:130 views/baseMobile.htm:49 msgid "Home" msgstr "" #: utils/custom.py:98 utils/custom.py:133 msgid "Books" msgstr "" #: utils/custom.py:162 msgid "The following errors have been detected:" msgstr "" #: utils/custom.py:194 msgid "Hi" msgstr "" #: utils/custom.py:276 msgid "Ooops. Sorry, this page does not exist here!" msgstr "" #: views/addBook.htm:9 views/listBooks.htm:10 msgid "Create a Book" msgstr "" #: views/addBook.htm:17 views/addChapter.htm:18 views/addOption.htm:21 #: views/addVoter.htm:21 views/contactForm.htm:16 views/editBook.htm:17 #: views/editChapter.htm:19 views/editOption.htm:21 views/editVoter.htm:21 msgid "Required data" msgstr "" #: views/addBook.htm:18 views/editBook.htm:18 msgid "The title of the book" msgstr "" #: views/addBook.htm:20 views/displayBooks.htm:13 views/editBook.htm:20 #: views/listBooks.htm:16 views/showBook.htm:14 msgid "Author" msgstr "" #: views/addBook.htm:20 views/editBook.htm:20 msgid "The author's name" msgstr "" #: views/addBook.htm:22 views/editBook.htm:22 msgid "The synopsis of the book (max. 2000 chars)" msgstr "" #: views/addBook.htm:24 views/editBook.htm:24 msgid "Publication Date (yyyy-mm-dd)" msgstr "" #: views/addBook.htm:26 views/editBook.htm:26 views/showBook.htm:21 #: views/showBook.htm:23 msgid "Published Chapters" msgstr "" #: views/addBook.htm:28 views/editBook.htm:28 views/showBook.htm:26 msgid "Type of Book" msgstr "" #: views/addBook.htm:28 views/displayBooks.htm:31 views/editBook.htm:28 #: views/listBooks.htm:39 views/showBook.htm:26 msgid "Adventure" msgstr "" #: views/addBook.htm:28 views/displayBooks.htm:33 views/editBook.htm:28 #: views/listBooks.htm:41 views/showBook.htm:26 msgid "Short Novel" msgstr "" #: views/addBook.htm:28 views/displayBooks.htm:35 views/editBook.htm:28 #: views/listBooks.htm:43 views/showBook.htm:26 msgid "Novel" msgstr "" #: views/addBook.htm:28 views/editBook.htm:28 views/showBook.htm:26 msgid "Children" msgstr "" #: views/addBook.htm:29 views/editBook.htm:29 views/translators.htm:69 msgid "Spanish" msgstr "" #: views/addBook.htm:29 views/editBook.htm:29 views/translators.htm:68 msgid "English" msgstr "" #: views/addBook.htm:30 views/editBook.htm:30 views/listBooks.htm:21 #: views/showBook.htm:30 msgid "Active" msgstr "" #: views/addBook.htm:33 views/addChapter.htm:27 views/addVoter.htm:27 #: views/editBook.htm:33 views/editChapter.htm:28 views/editVoter.htm:27 msgid "Optional data" msgstr "" #: views/addBook.htm:34 views/addChapter.htm:29 views/editBook.htm:34 #: views/editChapter.htm:30 msgid "Number of Votes" msgstr "" #: views/addBook.htm:36 views/addChapter.htm:31 views/addOption.htm:28 #: views/addVoter.htm:30 views/editBook.htm:36 views/editChapter.htm:32 #: views/editOption.htm:28 views/editVoter.htm:30 msgid "Save" msgstr "" #: views/addBook.htm:36 views/addChapter.htm:31 views/addOption.htm:28 #: views/addVoter.htm:30 views/editBook.htm:36 views/editChapter.htm:32 #: views/editOption.htm:28 views/editVoter.htm:30 views/showChapter.htm:24 #: views/showOption.htm:18 views/showVoter.htm:18 msgid "back" msgstr "" #: views/addChapter.htm:9 msgid "Create a Chapter for the Book" msgstr "" #: views/addChapter.htm:19 views/editChapter.htm:20 views/showChapter.htm:12 msgid "Chapter Number" msgstr "" #: views/addChapter.htm:21 views/editChapter.htm:22 msgid "The title of the chapter" msgstr "" #: views/addChapter.htm:23 views/editChapter.htm:24 views/showChapter.htm:16 msgid "Number of Pages" msgstr "" #: views/addChapter.htm:24 views/editChapter.htm:25 views/listChapters.htm:22 #: views/showChapter.htm:18 msgid "Closed" msgstr "" #: views/addChapter.htm:28 views/editChapter.htm:29 msgid "Finish Date (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm)" msgstr "" #: views/addOption.htm:9 msgid "Create an Option from Chapter" msgstr "" #: views/addOption.htm:11 views/addVoter.htm:11 views/delChapter.htm:10 #: views/delOption.htm:11 views/delVoter.htm:11 views/editChapter.htm:10 #: views/editOption.htm:11 views/editVoter.htm:11 views/listOptions.htm:10 #: views/listVoters.htm:10 msgid "for the Book" msgstr "" #: views/addOption.htm:22 views/editOption.htm:22 views/showOption.htm:12 msgid "Option Number" msgstr "" #: views/addOption.htm:24 views/editOption.htm:24 views/showOption.htm:14 msgid "Option Text" msgstr "" #: views/addOption.htm:24 views/editOption.htm:24 msgid "The text to appear as an option for users (max. 2000 chars)" msgstr "" #: views/addOption.htm:26 views/editOption.htm:26 views/showBook.htm:32 #: views/showChapter.htm:22 views/showOption.htm:16 views/showStats.htm:25 msgid "Total Votes" msgstr "" #: views/addVoter.htm:9 msgid "Create a Voter from Chapter" msgstr "" #: views/addVoter.htm:22 views/editVoter.htm:22 views/listVoters.htm:23 #: views/showVoter.htm:12 msgid "Identifier" msgstr "" #: views/addVoter.htm:24 views/editVoter.htm:24 views/showVoter.htm:16 msgid "Selected Option" msgstr "" #: views/addVoter.htm:28 views/editVoter.htm:28 views/listVoters.htm:24 #: views/showVoter.htm:14 msgid "User" msgstr "" #: views/adminMenu.htm:10 msgid "Admin Menu" msgstr "" #: views/base.htm:10 msgid "" "Have you ever dream to choose the path of a novel you was reading? Decide" " it, with many others" msgstr "" #: views/base.htm:11 msgid "" "collok; collaborative; collaborated; collaborator; book; novel; path; " "share; free" msgstr "" #: views/base.htm:40 views/baseMobile.htm:65 msgid "No template chosen" msgstr "" #: views/base.htm:48 msgid "SHARE ME" msgstr "" #: views/base.htm:52 msgid "Collok: vote for your preferred option to continue the story" msgstr "" #: views/base.htm:53 msgid "submit to reddit" msgstr "" #: views/base.htm:68 msgid "All Rights Reserved. - See this short" msgstr "" #: views/base.htm:68 msgid "disclaimer" msgstr "" #: views/base.htm:69 msgid "for any legal doubt" msgstr "" #: views/base.htm:71 views/baseMobile.htm:76 msgid "e-mail me" msgstr "" #: views/base.htm:72 views/baseMobile.htm:78 msgid "Collok on Twitter" msgstr "" #: views/baseMobile.htm:52 msgid "Directory" msgstr "" #: views/baseMobile.htm:77 msgid "Collok on LinkedIn" msgstr "" #: views/chapter.htm:11 msgid "Chapter" msgstr "" #: views/commonCountdown.htm:3 msgid "Time left to vote" msgstr "" #: views/commonCountdown.htm:6 msgid "Vote time finished" msgstr "" #: views/commonCountdown.htm:6 msgid "days ago" msgstr "" #: views/contactForm.htm:9 msgid "Contact us" msgstr "" #: views/contactForm.htm:17 msgid "Name" msgstr "" #: views/contactForm.htm:18 msgid "Your name" msgstr "" #: views/contactForm.htm:20 msgid "email" msgstr "" #: views/contactForm.htm:21 msgid "Your email" msgstr "" #: views/contactForm.htm:23 msgid "Your message" msgstr "" #: views/contactForm.htm:24 msgid "Leave your message here (max. 2000 chars)" msgstr "" #: views/contactForm.htm:26 msgid "Send" msgstr "" #: views/delBook.htm:9 msgid "Delete the Book" msgstr "" #: views/delBook.htm:13 msgid "" "Are you sure to delete this Book? This action can be undone by an admin " "(virtual delete)" msgstr "" #: views/delBook.htm:15 views/delChapter.htm:17 views/delOption.htm:19 #: views/delVoter.htm:19 views/listBooks.htm:49 views/listChapters.htm:41 #: views/showBook.htm:30 views/showChapter.htm:18 msgid "Yes" msgstr "" #: views/delBook.htm:15 views/delChapter.htm:17 views/delOption.htm:19 #: views/delVoter.htm:19 views/listBooks.htm:51 views/listChapters.htm:43 #: views/showBook.htm:30 views/showChapter.htm:18 msgid "No" msgstr "" #: views/delChapter.htm:9 msgid "Delete the Chapter" msgstr "" #: views/delChapter.htm:15 msgid "Are you sure to delete this Chapter? This action cannot be undone" msgstr "" #: views/delOption.htm:9 msgid "Delete a Option from Chapter" msgstr "" #: views/delOption.htm:17 msgid "Are you sure to delete this Option? This action cannot be undone" msgstr "" #: views/delVoter.htm:9 msgid "Delete a Voter from Chapter" msgstr "" #: views/delVoter.htm:17 msgid "Are you sure to delete this Voter? This action cannot be undone" msgstr "" #: views/disclaimer.htm:4 msgid "" "This agreement was written in english (UK). To the extent any translated " "version of this agreement conflicts with the english version,\n" " the spanish version controls.
\n" " Date of Last Revision: June 1, 2013" msgstr "" #: views/disclaimer.htm:8 msgid "Statement of Rights and Responsibilities - Summarized" msgstr "" #: views/disclaimer.htm:9 msgid "" "Basically there are two rules you should know: you are the " "owner of your works and you are responsible\n" " for what you submit for publication" msgstr "" #: views/disclaimer.htm:12 msgid "Statement of Rights and Responsibilities - Extended" msgstr "" #: views/disclaimer.htm:13 msgid "" "This Statement of Rights and Responsibilities (Statement) governs our " "relationship with users and others who interact with Collok.
\n" " By using or accessing Collok, you agree to this Statement" msgstr "" #: views/disclaimer.htm:15 msgid "1.- Privacy" msgstr "" #: views/disclaimer.htm:17 msgid "" "We do not store any information about users who access via your Google " "account to vote. You can vote anonymously or log in with a Google Account" msgstr "" #: views/disclaimer.htm:19 msgid "2.- Sharing Your Content and Information" msgstr "" #: views/disclaimer.htm:21 msgid "" "The person sending books or stories to be published (submit done via " "email, which is stored) is solely responsible for its publications, " "including both text and the\n" " images or any material published on the pages. This is " "the reason because the author is always cited with the published " "book.
\n" " You are allowing everyone, including people off of " "Collok, to access and use that information, and to associate it with you " "(i.e., your name)" msgstr "" #: views/disclaimer.htm:25 msgid "3.- Protecting Other People's Rights" msgstr "" #: views/disclaimer.htm:27 msgid "We respect other people's rights, and expect you to do the same" msgstr "" #: views/disclaimer.htm:30 msgid "" "You will not send content that infringes or violates someone else's " "rights or otherwise violates the law" msgstr "" #: views/disclaimer.htm:31 msgid "" "We can remove any content or information you post on Collok if we believe" " that it violates this Statement" msgstr "" #: views/disclaimer.htm:33 msgid "4.- Disputes" msgstr "" #: views/disclaimer.htm:35 msgid "" "You will resolve any claim, cause of action or dispute (claim) you have " "with us arising out of or relating to this Statement or \n" " Collok exclusively in the official court located in the " "Ourense province, Spain. The spanish laws will govern this Statement, \n" " as well as any claim that might arise between you and us, " "without regard to conflict of law provisions. You agree to submit to the " "personal \n" " jurisdiction of the courts located in the Ourense province, " "Spain for the purpose of litigating all such claims" msgstr "" #: views/disclaimer.htm:39 msgid "" "If anyone brings a claim against us related to your actions, content or " "information on Collok, you will indemnify and hold us harmless from \n" " and against all damages, losses, and expenses of any kind " "(including reasonable legal fees and costs) related to such claim" msgstr "" #: views/disclaimer.htm:43 msgid "" "WE TRY TO KEEP COLLOK UP, BUG-FREE, AND SAFE, BUT YOU USE IT AT YOUR OWN " "RISK. WE ARE PROVIDING COLLOK AS IS WITHOUT ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED \n" " WARRANTIES INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, IMPLIED WARRANTIES " "OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, AND NON-" "INFRINGEMENT. WE DO NOT \n" " GUARANTEE THAT COLLOK WILL BE SAFE OR SECURE. COLLOK IS NOT " "RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ACTIONS, CONTENT, INFORMATION, OR DATA OF THIRD " "PARTIES, \n" " AND YOU RELEASE US, OUR DIRECTORS, OFFICERS, EMPLOYEES, AND " "AGENTS FROM ANY CLAIMS AND DAMAGES, KNOWN AND UNKNOWN, ARISING OUT OF OR " "IN ANY WAY CONNECTED \n" " WITH ANY CLAIM YOU HAVE AGAINST ANY SUCH THIRD PARTIES. WE " "WILL NOT BE LIABLE TO YOU FOR ANY LOST PROFITS OR OTHER CONSEQUENTIAL, " "SPECIAL, INDIRECT, OR \n" " INCIDENTAL DAMAGES ARISING OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THIS " "STATEMENT OR COLLOK, EVEN IF WE HAVE BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF " "SUCH DAMAGES. \n" " OUR AGGREGATE LIABILITY ARISING OUT OF THIS STATEMENT OR " "COLLOKWILL NOT EXCEED THE GREATER OF ONE EURO (1€) OR THE AMOUNT YOU" " HAVE PAID US \n" " IN THE PAST TWELVE MONTHS. APPLICABLE LAW MAY NOT ALLOW THE " "LIMITATION OR EXCLUSION OF LIABILITY OR INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL " "DAMAGES, SO THE ABOVE \n" " LIMITATION OR EXCLUSION MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU. IN SUCH CASES, " "COLLOK'S LIABILITY WILL BE LIMITED TO THE FULLEST EXTENT PERMITTED BY " "APPLICABLE LAW" msgstr "" #: views/disclaimer.htm:52 msgid "" "We can make changes for legal or administrative reasons, or to correct an" " inaccurate statement, upon notice without opportunity to comment" msgstr "" #: views/displayBooks.htm:8 views/listBooks.htm:8 msgid "The list of available Books" msgstr "" #: views/displayBooks.htm:14 views/listBooks.htm:17 msgid "Date" msgstr "" #: views/displayBooks.htm:15 views/listBooks.htm:18 msgid "Chapters" msgstr "" #: views/displayBooks.htm:16 views/listBooks.htm:19 msgid "Type" msgstr "" #: views/displayBooks.htm:17 views/listBooks.htm:20 msgid "Lang" msgstr "" #: views/displayBooks.htm:18 views/displayChapters.htm:15 #: views/listBooks.htm:22 views/listChapters.htm:23 msgid "Votes" msgstr "" #: views/displayBooks.htm:40 views/listBooks.htm:56 msgid "chapters" msgstr "" #: views/displayChapters.htm:8 views/listChapters.htm:8 msgid "Chapters for the Book" msgstr "" #: views/displayChapters.htm:12 views/listChapters.htm:18 msgid "Number" msgstr "" #: views/displayChapters.htm:14 views/listChapters.htm:20 msgid "Pages" msgstr "" #: views/displayChapters.htm:16 msgid "Comments" msgstr "" #: views/displayChapters.htm:33 msgid "read" msgstr "" #: views/displayChapters.htm:34 msgid "stats" msgstr "" #: views/editBook.htm:9 msgid "Edit the Book" msgstr "" #: views/editBook.htm:37 views/editChapter.htm:33 views/editOption.htm:29 #: views/editVoter.htm:31 msgid "You can also" msgstr "" #: views/editBook.htm:37 views/editChapter.htm:33 views/editOption.htm:29 #: views/editVoter.htm:31 views/listBooks.htm:59 views/listChapters.htm:52 #: views/listOptions.htm:39 views/listVoters.htm:41 msgid "delete" msgstr "" #: views/editBook.htm:37 msgid "this Book" msgstr "" #: views/editChapter.htm:9 msgid "Edit Chapter" msgstr "" #: views/editChapter.htm:33 msgid "this Chapter" msgstr "" #: views/editOption.htm:9 msgid "Edit an Option from Chapter" msgstr "" #: views/editOption.htm:29 msgid "this Option" msgstr "" #: views/editVoter.htm:9 msgid "Edit a Voter from Chapter" msgstr "" #: views/editVoter.htm:31 msgid "this Voter" msgstr "" #: views/home.htm:12 msgid "COLLaborative boOKs: Decide the story" msgstr "" #: views/home.htm:14 msgid "Wanna help? We are" msgstr "" #: views/home.htm:14 msgid "looking for translators" msgstr "" #: views/home.htm:14 msgid "for other languages!" msgstr "" #: views/home.htm:15 msgid "of course, also new books" msgstr "" #: views/home.htm:23 msgid "What is this" msgstr "" #: views/home.htm:26 msgid "" "\n" " It's simple, a writer has in mind a story" " but wants you to be you who chose the way that history will follow.\n" " To do this, at certain moments, he will " "let you to vote possible alternatives he has considered.\n" "
Ever wished that history would have " "been different than its author intended it?\n" "
Decide the history and be a part of " "it!\n" " " msgstr "" #: views/home.htm:39 msgid "How this works" msgstr "" #: views/home.htm:42 msgid "" "\n" " The author writes the story chapter by " "chapter, but at certain moments will let you to vote on how to continue " "it.\n" " If you have a Google account and are " "logged in, your vote will be worth more than a simply anonymous vote, but" "\n" " in any case you can only vote once.\n" "
Finished the time to vote, the author" " will continue to write the story according to what has been voted.\n" " " msgstr "" #: views/home.htm:55 msgid "Do you want to publish" msgstr "" #: views/home.htm:58 msgid "" "\n" " Do you have a story and want to publish " "it? Or do you have an idea for a story but do not know how to go on?" msgstr "" #: views/home.htm:60 msgid "Write us" msgstr "" #: views/home.htm:60 msgid "" "and we will publish your story, so that readers decide for you how to " "continue.\n" "
You can publish children stories, " "short novels, novels or adventure books. You will always have the rights " "of your creations. Come on!" msgstr "" #: views/home.htm:62 msgid "Know more..." msgstr "" #: views/home.htm:73 msgid "Current Story" msgstr "" #: views/jsCountdown.htm:19 msgid "Time finished!" msgstr "" #: views/jsCountdown.htm:38 msgid "day" msgstr "" #: views/jsCountdown.htm:38 msgid "days" msgstr "" #: views/jsCountdown.htm:39 msgid "hour" msgstr "" #: views/jsCountdown.htm:39 msgid "hours" msgstr "" #: views/jsCountdown.htm:41 msgid "sec" msgstr "" #: views/jsCountdown.htm:41 msgid "secs" msgstr "" #: views/listBooks.htm:23 views/listChapters.htm:24 msgid "Created" msgstr "" #: views/listBooks.htm:57 views/listChapters.htm:50 views/listOptions.htm:37 #: views/listVoters.htm:39 msgid "view" msgstr "" #: views/listBooks.htm:58 views/listChapters.htm:51 views/listOptions.htm:38 #: views/listVoters.htm:40 msgid "edit" msgstr "" #: views/listChapters.htm:10 msgid "Create a Chapter" msgstr "" #: views/listChapters.htm:13 views/listOptions.htm:18 views/listVoters.htm:18 msgid "Back to Books" msgstr "" #: views/listChapters.htm:21 msgid "Finish" msgstr "" #: views/listChapters.htm:48 msgid "options" msgstr "" #: views/listChapters.htm:49 msgid "voters" msgstr "" #: views/listOptions.htm:8 msgid "Options from Chapter" msgstr "" #: views/listOptions.htm:14 msgid "Create an Option" msgstr "" #: views/listOptions.htm:17 views/listVoters.htm:17 msgid "Back to Chapters" msgstr "" #: views/listOptions.htm:23 msgid "Option number" msgstr "" #: views/listOptions.htm:24 msgid "Total votes" msgstr "" #: views/listOptions.htm:25 views/listVoters.htm:26 msgid "Modified" msgstr "" #: views/listVoters.htm:8 msgid "Voters from Chapter" msgstr "" #: views/listVoters.htm:14 msgid "Create a Voter" msgstr "" #: views/showBook.htm:9 msgid "Info for the Book" msgstr "" #: views/showBook.htm:18 msgid "Publication Date" msgstr "" #: views/showChapter.htm:9 msgid "Info for the Chapter" msgstr "" #: views/showChapter.htm:20 msgid "Finish Date" msgstr "" #: views/showOption.htm:9 msgid "Info for the Option" msgstr "" #: views/showStats.htm:13 msgid "Total Votes for Chapter" msgstr "" #: views/showStats.htm:31 msgid "Back to Home" msgstr "" #: views/showVoter.htm:9 msgid "Info for the Voter" msgstr "" #: views/translators.htm:4 msgid "Translation help for other languages" msgstr "" #: views/translators.htm:5 msgid "" "We actually have this site in two languages: english, as main language, " "and spanish" msgstr "" #: views/translators.htm:6 msgid "" "If you have thirty free minutes and you want to have this site in another" " language, translate it is so, so easy. Just follow this steps" msgstr "" #: views/translators.htm:7 msgid "1.- Download the english template" msgstr "" #: views/translators.htm:9 msgid "You can download it from" msgstr "" #: views/translators.htm:9 msgid "here" msgstr "" #: views/translators.htm:10 msgid "right-click link and choose \"Save link as...\" to download" msgstr "" #: views/translators.htm:12 msgid "2.- Fulfill the blank texts with your translation" msgstr "" #: views/translators.htm:14 msgid "" "The template text is so easy to fulfill. You will find an structure like " "this inside" msgstr "" #: views/translators.htm:27 msgid "" "Forget about the lines starting with char #, they are comments. You also " "can find texts with more than one line, like this" msgstr "" #: views/translators.htm:37 msgid "" "The important lines are msgid and " "msgstr. The first is the original language (english), " "and the second, your language" msgstr "" #: views/translators.htm:38 msgid "" "The process is very simple. For one-line text, simply type the " "translation in the line msgstr, between the \" \", e.g. in spanish" msgstr "" #: views/translators.htm:43 msgid "" "For multiple-line text, simply type the translation below the line " "msgstr, leaving the \" \", e.g. in spanish" msgstr "" #: views/translators.htm:58 msgid "3.- Send us the translation" msgstr "" #: views/translators.htm:60 msgid "Save your work and contact us in the" msgstr "" #: views/translators.htm:60 msgid "contact form" msgstr "" #: views/translators.htm:61 msgid "" "We will write you by email so you can attach your translation file and " "get some feedback" msgstr "" #: views/translators.htm:63 msgid "4.- That's all!" msgstr "" #: views/translators.htm:65 msgid "Was easy? Now it's time to tell you \"thanks\" for your help!" msgstr "" #: views/translators.htm:66 msgid "This is the list of our translators" msgstr "" #: views/writers.htm:4 msgid "What a writer must known about Collok" msgstr "" #: views/writers.htm:5 msgid "You only need to know a couple of things" msgstr "" #: views/writers.htm:6 msgid "1.- You own your texts" msgstr "" #: views/writers.htm:8 msgid "" "Of course, you will always have the rights of your creations, the books " "you send will appear always with your complete name" msgstr "" #: views/writers.htm:9 msgid "" "As you will send your books by email, you will have the evidence of " "having done it for any doubts about" msgstr "" #: views/writers.htm:10 msgid "" "Also, our mail service is hosted by Google, so we can't alter the logs to" " \"erase\" the submit" msgstr "" #: views/writers.htm:12 msgid "2.- Can I send a book without choices?" msgstr "" #: views/writers.htm:14 msgid "" "No, you can't. You must give the readers at least one opportunity to " "choose the path of your story" msgstr "" #: views/writers.htm:15 msgid "" "But maybe you have a finished story to publish. In this case, you can " "\"alter\" the final chapter to give, at least, two different endings.
" "\n" " It's not the ideal, but in some way, the readers can " "participate" msgstr "" #~ msgid "" #~ "The person sending books or stories " #~ "to be published (submit done via " #~ "email, which is stored) is solely " #~ "responsible for its publications, including" #~ " both text and the\n" #~ "                images or any material " #~ "published on the pages. This is " #~ "the reason because the author is " #~ "always cited with the published " #~ "book.
\n" #~ " You are allowing everyone, " #~ "including people off of Collok, to " #~ "access and use that information, and " #~ "to associate it with you (i.e., " #~ "your name)" #~ msgstr ""